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Why Spring and Summer Break are the Best Time for Wisdom Tooth Removal

When you’re facing oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal, you want to choose the best time. Wisdom teeth removal will necessitate some recovery time, so you should consider times when you won’t have other obligations like work or school. Following are several reasons why spring break and summer break are the best times for wisdom teeth removal.

You Have Access to More Dates

During spring break and summer break you’ll have many more available dates to choose from to suit your schedule, as opposed to trying to work it in on a two-day weekend between school/work weeks. 

You’ll Have More Time to Recover

You’ll need several days to recuperate after wisdom teeth removal. On average, you’ll need at least five full days to feel fully recovered; but some people need more and some people need less. Either way spring break and summer break are both ideal times because you won’t feel obligated to cut your recovery time short. You’ll be able to take all the time you need without having to return to work or school.

You’ll Have More Privacy

After wisdom teeth removal, your face will have significant swelling and some redness. You may even feel like you look like a chipmunk! No need to worry, though. If you have the procedure during spring or summer break, you’ll have plenty of privacy. You won’t need to appear in the classroom or at work before your facial swelling and discoloration has completely subsided. The next time anyone sees you, you’ll look just as great as you did before, only without your wisdom teeth!

You Won’t Feel Obligated to Study

Let’s face it. Studying takes a significant amount of concentration and brain power. If you try to have your wisdom teeth removed while classes are ongoing, you may feel like you’re shirking your student responsibilities. You may feel like instead of binge-watching Netflix you should be studying for an exam. But if you take advantage of spring or summer breaks to have wisdom teeth removed, you won’t feel like you’re being lazy at all. You can sit back and relax and watch all the Netflix you desire, guilt-free.

You’ll Have More Family Support

After your wisdom teeth removal, you’ll definitely need someone to take care of you, at least for a couple of days. You may feel left over nausea from the anesthesia, for one thing. You’ll also need someone to prepare your meals. During spring and summer breaks, your family is more likely to have time off from their jobs to stay home and support you while you need assistance. This will be an invaluable aid during your recovery time, so you should take advantage of that time.

As you can see, there’s really no better time than spring break and summer break to have wisdom teeth removed. To get your wisdom teeth consultation scheduled, please give us at a call at one of our six convenient locations. 

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